We live in a time where things are mass-produced and fast consumed. Where things have no value. Where people are just another brick in the wall like all the other bricks…

But don’t you want to be different and be the sun that illuminate those bricks, or the rainbow that makes them dream?

Here are 6 reasons to be different and buy handmade articles:


SWDR6XR7YS#1 Reason: Clear Conscience

There are many reports of slave work in factories in China, India and other places around the globe. Although things mass-produced may not be the result of slave work, the workers certainly don’t have good work conditions to produce things so cheap.

When you buy handcraft articles, usually you know the person who have made those articles whether is a necklace or a handbag or something else. You know that person has devoted their heart and soul to create that exclusive item.

Won’t you prefer to have a clear mind to know that you bought something from someone that enjoyed doing that?

43JYGRS06H#2 Reason: Its uniqueness, exclusiveness

When you buy handmade products you aren’t buying something that other 1 million people may have.

You are buying something unique from some artist. Whether it’s for you or to give as a present, that article has been done with passion, and that person has devoted their time and imagination to create it.

And nobody likes to go to a party or some other place and see a person with the exact same thing !!!

ERNYCFWP8I#3 Reason: You get to know the person who made your article

In mass productions it may be impossible to know the person (or the machine) who made your article. There is no passion in the production process.

When you buy something handmade, you can get to know better the person who have made an article, and maybe have a funny story to tell about that article or how it was bought or even make a new friend!

JFY2UHOX4H#4 Reason: It is cool

You have something that has personality and that few people have. Something that probably was specifically made for you. Something with a special touch that make you look cool. 😉


Something that is handmade is made with attention to the details. It is not something produced in great quantities with little quality.

You can experience that when you buy a suit made specifically for you. It fits well and shows your personality.


ZHOBST04IP#6 Reason: It is a thoughtful gift

Tell me, would you prefer to receive an email wishing you happy birthday, or someone to give you a hug and a kiss and that wishes you happy birthday?

Buying something handcrafted instead of something mass-produced is just like that. You are giving that person a thoughtful and warm present instead of a cold present with no personality.

I hope that after reading this post I have convinced you to buy handcrafted articles.

Be the sun and the rainbow in our sky!!!


– by Filipa Seixas


About the Author

Filipa Seixas is a mother of 2 beautiful todlers. She is an environmental and occupational safety technician. She does translations for TED Team in Amara.  Filipa has a lot of hobbies – doing vermicomposting, prunning trees, doing DIY projects etc.



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